Welcome to twinflamestogether.com. I created this site to share stories about twin flames who are living together in 3D, how they met and how they came together. The Universe kept nudging me to set up this site. The nudging escalated in to a full-on shove until I relented. I’ve always been fascinated in other people’s relationships so the idea totally resonated with me and I think all separated twin flames need hope and reassurance as it can be quite a journey.  On/off, push/pull etc.  Apart from the fabulous twins posting on YouTube, there aren’t many twin flame success stories online and it seems that there are a lot of twins who are together and whose story has yet to be told.  I’ll collate and post all the twin stories I receive and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you would like to post your story – anonymously if you wish – please send me an email.  We twin flames are truly blessed to be advanced souls and to have connected with our twin flame on earth at this time. Remember, we can manifest anything we want and we only desire what is possible.

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  • Suzanne says:

    This is a beautiful, divinely guided site that will help many. Thank you for supporting Twin Flame unions – the ultimate spiritual crash course : ) Infinite Love to you and all Twins ~Suzanne & Spencer


  • JB says:

    How wonderful is this effort? WONDERFUL! We are very happy to find you. We are all connected so deeply and we send the deepest love and affection to your twinship. We have been at this a LONG time now and wow have parts been so so strange! We are so blessed! We are because of our slightly more masculine twin’s very hard work to help others and his large merit stockpile that keeps up loving and understanding more and more everyday! We are looking for others too! Our slightly more feminine half in particular is a little obsessed: ) with finding others who have seen the violet flame in the physical. So if you have, please write in and tell us! We will be watching. We love you! We truly do! May all beings be liberated this moment into pure love! Those of you in Union and especially the creator of this AWESOME new site: thank you. We know you are home with God and wow are we very happy to know that. Keep going guys! Keep loving everyone! Keep your patience for all are the essence of the divine in this crazy world! Watch your minds, defeat the Real Devils: the afflictive emotions that undo the mind of love- which is the same mind of God. Please keep anchoring and sending us all love! You are more important than you can imagine. Thank you!


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