Calling all twin flames in full-time union

January 4, 2016 § 1 Comment

Are you a twin flame in full-time union?  We are looking for stories of twin flames who are living together in full-time union to post on this site.  If you would like us to post your story (anonymously if you wish), please email and we’ll send you a list of suggested questions…  We look forward to hearing from you!  As you will know this is a somewhat challenging journey and we want to inspire and uplift separated twins with fabulous coming together stories.  This has been a work in progress and we’ll be posting some stories very soon.  Stay tuned.


§ One Response to Calling all twin flames in full-time union

  • J and B says:

    We would be very interested in financially and spiritually supporting scientific investigation into Union state twins to get some baselines on exactly what is happening. We have had some awesome experiences over 20 years that defy all logic including time travel. If anyone knows a scientist, Doctor, organization that might be interested in taking tests on some established twins in the fields of nuerocardiology and so forth, we would be very interested in supporting that. We have been blessed to be greeted by some very profoundly enlightened beings in this world and can hardly believe how lucky we are but again we would like to get baseline information on twins from totally enlightened beings like yogis and Tibetan Tantric masters who would be interested in explaining how and where twins are found in scripture and so on. We have a pretty good understanding internally and across religions but would like to compile these kinds of informations for the benefit of others. If any reading this is interested, we will be leaving our email address with the originators of this site and will hope to be connected…. Even though of course we already are! You are our brothers and sisters and we love you.


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